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A Week of Publicity

I’m going to be in the middle of a good bit of publicity this week.

First, as you may or may not know, I’ve filed suit against the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board in the Fall to 2008 to challenge the constitutionality of their new regulations of attorney advertisements.

We argue that the regulations go too far in the restrictions they impose on attorneys who use the internet to communicate…and advertise. We created an entire blog dedicated to tracking its progress, which you can visit at

  • On Monday, we’ll be filing our Motion for Summary Judgment in the federal suit against the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board. We’ll post a copy on our JDSupra page.
  • On Thursday, I’ll be among the faculty for an American Bar Association legal ethics teleconference (with CLE credit) titled: Ethical Implications of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World: From Facebook to LinkedIn, Websites to Blogs. More information on the teleconference (including how to sign up) here.

Second, Chinese Drywall is rampant in the news these days, and our firm has tried to lead legal discussion on the topic with our Chinese Drywall Blog. We’ll be discussing the Chinese Drywall situation, and the status of Chinese Drywall litigation in two venues:

Follow My Interview Today on 22Twts

Lance Godard at The Godard Group interviews lawyers each week through Twitter and helps lawyers “tell their stories one tweet at a time.”

This afternoon, at 11am pacific / 1 pm central, “22Twts” will interview me.

You can follow the interview at #22Twts, and of course, follow me at

See you there.

Interview on New Orleans’ Fox 8 about Chinese Drywall

Chinese Drywall is a big story in the Louisiana and Florida construction industry, as well as in the construction law practice area. According to stories from CNN and Time Magazine, thousands of homeowners are complaining about Chinese Drywall producing a foul odor in their home, ruining their air conditioning systems and electrical wiring, and even causing damage to the home’s building elements.

This is worrying contractors and building suppliers across the country, who may be implicated in the inevitable litigation.

As a construction attorney in New Orleans, LA, Scott was interviewed by Fox 8 news about how contractors and suppliers are implicated in the crisis. Here is the video:

Scott Wolfe on This Week in Law podcast

Scott Wolfe was a featured guest on the 19th episode of the This Week in Law podcast. The podcast title, “Getting in Trouble on the Internets” discusses Obama’s BlackBerry issues, blogging vs. advertising, the MySpace suicide case, and more.

You can listen to the podcast, and subscribe to TWiL at:

Talking points for the podcast are here:

Scott was invited to speak about Wolfe Law Group’s federal suit against the Louisiana State Bar Association, challenging the new lawyer advertising rules as unconstitutional. Read more about this suit at

Scott Wolfe featured in National Law Journal Article

New Orleans, LA ( December 1, 2008 — Wolfe Law Group and Scott Wolfe Jr. was spotlighted in a National Law Journal article entitled ” La Attorney Fights Rules that Limit ‘New Media’ Use.

The article discusses the lawsuit filed this week by the firm in federal court challenging the constitutionality of the new Louisiana lawyer advertising rules. The suit, captioned Scott G. Wolfe, Jr., et al. v. Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board, et al., argues that the new lawyer advertising rules restrict the firm’s ability to advertise online and participate in certain online social media.

Founding partner of the firm, Scott Wolfe, is quoted in the piece:

The rules require that a lawyer send a copy of a proposed ad to the Louisiana State Bar Association, which charges a $175 evaluation fee to determine compliance, Wolfe said. Those requirements are particularly troublesome, he said, given the definition of “computer-accessed communications” in the rules. The rules define those communications as “information regarding a lawyer’s or law firm’s services that is read, viewed or heard directly through the use of a computer.”

Read the full article at

Scott Wolfe and WLG File Federal Lawsuit to Say: Blogging is Speaking

NEW ORLEANS, LA (PRWEB.Com) November 24, 2008 — This morning, Scott Wolfe Jr. and Wolfe Law Group, L.L.C. filed a suit in federal court challenging the constitutionality of Louisiana’s new rules governing lawyer advertising.

The lawsuit seeks to prevent the enforcement of Louisiana’s new advertising rules, scheduled to take effect on April 1, 2009. The Louisiana advertising rules are some of the most aggressive in the nation, and Wolfe Law Group’s suit argues that the rules go too far and restrict an attorney’s right to freely speak about its trade.

Wolfe Law Group argues that the new rules effectively prevent a lawyer from advertising its services through online mediums, such as Google’s Adwords, as the rules also restrict an attorney’s ability to engage in discourse with colleagues, clients and the public through online bulletin boards, blogs, twitter, and other online communities and forums.

The law firm that practices in the area of construction law out of its offices in New Orleans, Louisiana and Seattle, Washington, is actively engaged in the Internet marketplace, posting daily on sites like, Twitter, Facebook,, and similar web 2.0 services.

The suit argues that Louisiana’s new advertising rules would subject each of the firm’s posts to an “evaluation” by the Louisiana State Bar Association, with an evaluation fee of $175.00.

According to a letter sent to Wolfe Law Group’s colleagues and clients, “the new rules would stifle our firm’s ability to continue talking with you about the legal profession, the construction industry and the evolution of construction law across the nation.”

To continue commenting upon the progress of the action, the firm launched a blog titled “Blogging is Speaking,” at the web address

For a copy of the lawsuit, click here.

Find the cause on Facebook here.

Wolfe Law Group, L.L.C. is a construction law firm with offices in Seattle, Washington and New Orleans, Louisiana. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Louisiana, Case No. 08-4994, Section F, Magistrate 2.

Scott Wolfe Honored as 2008 Innovator of the Year

New Orleans City Business Magazine will honor Scott G. Wolfe Jr. in its September 29th issue as one of its 50 Innovator of the Year Honorees.

Each year the magazine honors New Orleans innovators with the award, profiling them in a weekly print edition and passing to them a trophy at a professional banquet. Scott Wolfe Jr. is recognized as one of the 2008 Innovators for his Express Lien concept.

Express Lien, Inc., launched just one year ago in New Orleans, LA, creates and files construction liens and related documents for contractors and construction industry professionals. The legal document preparation service now files liens in the states of Louisiana, Georgia, Iowa, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

Learn more about Express Lien, Inc. at

Scott Wolfe Publishes Construction Lien Legal Guides on

Wolfe Law Group founding member, Scott G. Wolfe, Jr., published two Legal Guides this week with the lawyer rating service,

The two guides relate to construction lien law in Washington state.

The first article, Construction Liens in Washington State, presents a general overview of the lien law landscape in Washington.

The second article, Filing a Construction Lien in Washington State, specifically discusses the lien filing process in that jurisdiction.

Both articles are great resources for any Washington contractor to learn a little more about construction liens and its legal requirements. Remember also that Wolfe Law Group’s blog has multiple articles in common parlance related to construction liens and the prelien requirements in Washington and Louisiana…just visit our Construction Liens page by clicking here.

The Avvo.Com Legal Guides“provide basic, important information about everyday legal issues. Written by qualified attorneys and Avvo staff writers, Legal Guides help you understand your legal situation better and know what to do about it.”

Scott Wolfe spotlighted in Solo By Choice by Carolyn Elefant

Scott Wolfe Jr., founding partner of Wolfe Law Group, is featured in Carolyn Elefant’s recently published book, “Solo By Choice.”

Published by Decision Books, the book speaks to an audience of legal professionals about venturing out on their own. Wolfe was interviewed by the publisher in 2005 about the success of his practice and about his advice to other attorneys on how to run a successful law firm.

The author’s website, MyShingle.Com, describes the book’s topic as follows:

“Solo By Choice is dedicated to every lawyer who ever wanted to run the show but worried that going solo was career suicide … every lawyer who wanted to solo but didn’t know how to set up the office and make it work … every lawyer who never set foot in a courtroom but dreamed of one day practicing law their way. In short, this book is dedicated to becoming the lawyer you always wanted to be.”

Scott Wolfe spotlighted in National Law Journal Article titled "Thriving Seattle Tech Sector Draws Law Firms"

SEATTLE, WA (WolfeLaw.Com) April 14, 2008 — Wolfe Law Group, L.L.C. was recently spotlighted in a National Law Journal article entitled, “Thriving Seattle Tech Sector Draws Law Firms.” The firm’s founder and partner, Scott G. Wolfe, Jr., was quoted in the article.

Wolfe Law Group has offices in Seattle, Washington and New Orleans, Louisiana, and focuses its practice on construction law and serving construction industry professionals.

Read the full article on