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Scott Wolfe and WLG File Federal Lawsuit to Say: Blogging is Speaking

NEW ORLEANS, LA (PRWEB.Com) November 24, 2008 — This morning, Scott Wolfe Jr. and Wolfe Law Group, L.L.C. filed a suit in federal court challenging the constitutionality of Louisiana’s new rules governing lawyer advertising.

The lawsuit seeks to prevent the enforcement of Louisiana’s new advertising rules, scheduled to take effect on April 1, 2009. The Louisiana advertising rules are some of the most aggressive in the nation, and Wolfe Law Group’s suit argues that the rules go too far and restrict an attorney’s right to freely speak about its trade.

Wolfe Law Group argues that the new rules effectively prevent a lawyer from advertising its services through online mediums, such as Google’s Adwords, as the rules also restrict an attorney’s ability to engage in discourse with colleagues, clients and the public through online bulletin boards, blogs, twitter, and other online communities and forums.

The law firm that practices in the area of construction law out of its offices in New Orleans, Louisiana and Seattle, Washington, is actively engaged in the Internet marketplace, posting daily on sites like, Twitter, Facebook,, and similar web 2.0 services.

The suit argues that Louisiana’s new advertising rules would subject each of the firm’s posts to an “evaluation” by the Louisiana State Bar Association, with an evaluation fee of $175.00.

According to a letter sent to Wolfe Law Group’s colleagues and clients, “the new rules would stifle our firm’s ability to continue talking with you about the legal profession, the construction industry and the evolution of construction law across the nation.”

To continue commenting upon the progress of the action, the firm launched a blog titled “Blogging is Speaking,” at the web address

For a copy of the lawsuit, click here.

Find the cause on Facebook here.

Wolfe Law Group, L.L.C. is a construction law firm with offices in Seattle, Washington and New Orleans, Louisiana. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Louisiana, Case No. 08-4994, Section F, Magistrate 2.

Scott Publishes Contractor’s Collections Toolkit

Through Wolfe Law Group, and Scott’s new publishing company, Two Cities Publishing, L.L.C., Scott Wolfe recently published the Contractor’s Collections Toolkit for Louisiana contractors, suppliers and construction professionals.

The book is currently available through, but within 6-8 weeks it will be distributed through Amazon.Com, Barnes and Nobles, Borders and other mainstream retail outlets. The publication is $69.00 for the ebook in pdf format and $139.00 for a print book.

The Collections Toolkit is part of an upcoming series of toolkits being published by Wolfe Law Group and Two Cities, which will include a Contracting Toolkit, Liening Toolkit, and more.

You can view the Collections Toolkit’s description, table of contents, introduction and a preview all by clicking here. You can also order the book here.

Express Lien Expands Into Iowa

The recent mid-west floods presents obvious challenges to the victims and their families. Less obvious, however, are the challenges that will be faced by contractors and those in the construction industry, as they pour sweat and finances into their businesses and into the region.

Express Lien is excited to announce that it has expanded its service into the state of Iowa, and is now filing preliminary notices, prelien notices, construction liens and lien cancellations in Iowa.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Iowa lien laws, learn about them right here:

Furthermore, you can read the Express Lien press release @ by clicking here.

Express Lien, Inc. was founded by Scott Wolfe in 2007, and now files mechanic’s liens and other lien documents in Louisiana, Georgia, Iowa, California, Washington, Oregon & Nevada.

Publication Recognizes WLG as 2008 Largest Law Firm

New Orleans City Business Magazine has recognized Wolfe Law Group, L.L.C. as one of the largest law firms in the New Orleans metro area in 2008.

Wolfe Law Group was featured in the weekly publication during its annual “Law Firms” spotlight, and will be featured in the magazine’s annual Book of Lists.
Founded by Scott Wolfe, Jr. in 2005, Wolfe Law Group now has offices in Louisiana and Washington. The firm focuses its practice on construction law. Learn more about Wolfe Law Group at

ExpressLien Grows into California and Georgia

Started by Scott Wolfe Jr. in the spring of 2007, Express Lien, Inc. has grown leaps and bounds during its first year in business.

Originally designed to file liens in Louisiana, the company announced this week that it is now serving the states of Georgia and California. The service is now available across six states: Oregon, Nevada, Washington, California, Georgia and Louisiana.
The service is one of the premiere lien preparation services in the United States, and the only service that focuses on web-based ordering.
Before the year’s end, the service hopes to expand into a total of twenty U.S. states, and to begin offering subscription services and the filing of preliminary notices and lien cancellations.
To learn more about Express Lien, Inc.’s service, visit

Launching ScottWolfe.Com

Welcome to Scott Wolfe’s new website, The new site is designed to tie together Scott’s business ventures and interests, and to be a venue for business tips and commentary.

Scott Wolfe is an attorney and entrepreneur from New Orleans, LA. He is the founder and CEO of Wolfe Law Group, a construction law firm practicing in Louisiana and Washington. More of Scott’s businesses are linked through the icons on the left-hand side of this page.