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Satellite TV Baffles Me

DirectvSo Emily and I are fully moved into a new place in Seattle, and getting into the groove of things. Internet gets set up today (presumably), and last week we had Directv install their dish. Directv being the choice provider because of the ability to watch Saints games from the West coast, of course.

So they come to my house with this 20 some-odd inch disc, attach it to my balony and point it in a precise direction. Then, it’s time to get the wire to my tv. Yeah, that’s right…the wire.

Now this is an interesting problem when you have cement outer walls and windows and doors that shut air-tight. They had to reduce the ordinary 2-wire installation to one wire, and use a flat wire, and run the wire across my building, through a window and to my tv.

Here is a picture of Directv’s satellite, where they beam over 1000 [sometimes] high definition signals from outer-freaking-space. It is directed from space, to this tiny plastic dish that sits on the balcony of our place…and yet they need to run a wire from the dish to my television, which sits just 5 yards away.

No other complaints though. Looking forward to football season in the fall.